Tourism Information・Activities

Kuromon Market

This is a famous shopping area having about 200 shops in Osaka Minami. Since about half of shops sell seafood, it is known as a seafood shopping area. You can see the expensive seafoods such as fugu or crabs are at the shops. Recently, the market became more popular with tourist. There are some shops serving seafood for tourists in the shops. You can enjoy the market called `the kitchen of Osaka`.

Sennichimae Shopping Area

It a large shopping area around Namba in Osaka Minami. This shopping area is expanded in an east, west, south and north directions. There are many clothing shops, general stores as well as restaurants. You can enjoy shopping and eating. In Osaka, there are famous dishes called `Kona-mon`such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. There are many famous okonomiyaki restaurants such as `Hatsuse`, `Mizuno`and `Kyo-Chabana` in this area. So, you can try the differences.

Namba・Nippombashi Areas

  • Doguya Suji

    Doguya Suji

    It is a shopping area next to Sennichimae area. `Namba Grand Kagetsu` is located in the center of the area. Dogu (a part of Doguya suji) means kitchen equipment of restaurants. You can find specialty cooking tools and goods which are suitable for souvenirs in the shops. In these days, this area is getting more popular with tourists.

  • Namba Parks

    Namba Parks

    This is a large shopping mall connected to Nankai Namba Station. The name of `Parks` originates in the design of the building which has many trees in the building like a forest. You can find many shops and restaurants there. It is convenient to enjoy shopping and gourmet at once.

  • DenDen Town

    DenDen Town

    It is a large electric town located between Namba area and Ebisucho station of Subway Sakai Suji lines. There are many shops selling digital products such as PC and smart phone. You can find any kind of electric items such as a tool for DIY. In recent years, more shops selling Japanese animation, comics and figures open in this area. You can find many sub-culture items.