CLUB WBF Lounge is located on the 1st floor of Hotel WBF. This lounge can be used only by CLUB WBF members. It is Self-Service free drink. You can enjoy making your original cocktails. CLUB WBF offers many services including the lounge-use. The membership is free. Points can be earned by hotel stay.

Opening Hours14:00~23:00
Location1st floor
Service ContentsServed menu: wine (red/white), mugi-shochu, whisky, umeshu, cocktails, soda water, coffee (iced/hot), orange juice, apple juice, oolong tea, snacks (Gyu-sen, rice crackers, chocolates
  • Kimono Trial

    Kimono Trial

    Kimono makes you feel the beauty of Japanese culture by watching. .. Would you like to try on Kimono at this chance? We offer rental Kimono service on the 1st floor. Please take your photos with wearing beautiful Kimono. The service is available from 17:00 to 18:00 on every Tuesday.

  • Rental Bicycle Service

    Rental Bicycle Service

    Rental Bicycle Service - Rental bicycles are available in from of the entrance located on the 1st floor. It is easy to access the downtown of Osaka such as Osaka Minami, Senba, Honmachi by cycle. It is convenient for the guests who go to a concert place such as Kyocera dorm by cycle. Bicycles are managed by the system. You can use and return anytime (24 hours available).