Kuromon Market

  • キッズスペース

    Kuromon Market

    This is a shopping area known as a kitchen of Osaka selling luxury ingredients such as seafood for a long time. Osaka has been prospered as the kitchen of the Nation since the Edo Period because they have had many delicious ingredients. This Kuromon Market is one of the important place to support Osaka food culture. Therefore, many restaurant staffs come to procure ingredients anywhere in this area. There are still many shops selling seafood, and nowadays there are some shops serving seafood.

    Sennichimae Shopping Area

    • ウェルカムコーヒーサービス

      Sennichimae Shopping Area

      It a large busy quarter in Osaka Minami. Even if you look out over the East, West, South and North, you would see the shopping area. Of course, it is a good place to enjoy shopping and eating. Also, there are many famous shops that local people visit in Sennichimae shopping area. The history is very old. There is a document telling that shops have started to gather in this area since the Meiji Period. This area is well known as one the historical shopping area.

      • Dotonbori

        It is a very busy shopping and gourmet street along with Dotonbori River which is running in east and west of Osaka Minami. You can see a large crab signboard of Kani-Doraku, Kuidaore Taro, other famous locations used in movies or TV dramas here. You cannot miss this place because you can enjoy eating, taking photos of famous items, and just walking around.。

      • Hozenji Yokocho

        This is a famous spot located quietly in a busy quarter of Sennichimae area in Osaka Minami. Hozenji of Hozenji Yokocho is a temple which has a famous statue called Mizukakefudo. People souse Mizukakefudo water by a ladle for a pray. You can see some tourist are trying to do it. Hozenjiyokocho has a pavement with stone. Many restaurants have been in business for along time. You can enjoy the famous foods in Okasa there.

      • Nihonbashi Electric Town (DenDen Town)

        It is a large electric town located near Sakai Suji penetrating Naniwa District of Osaka in a south-north direction. Because of the size of town, it is similar to Akihabara Tokyo. There are many shops selling electric tools & parts and sub-culture items. The town is also called as `Holy Place for Otaku`. It is a popular spot for tourists who want to buy home appliances.。

      • Namba Parks

        This is a large shopping mall connected to Nankai Namba Station. Around the area, some shopping malls such as Namba City and Namba Sky-O are located. You can enjoy all day in the area.

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