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Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is visited by many local people as a kitchen of Kyoto. This name originates Nishiki Tenmangu which is located at the entrance of Nishiki Market. There have been many grocery stores for a long time ago. There are many shops selling Japanese pickles or Tsukudani. In recent years, many stylish sweets shops and foods shops offering a take-out open. A unique food `Tako Tamago`(an octopus containing an egg in the head), `Unagimaki` and `Maccha Warabimochi`are recommended to try.

Shijo Area

  • Shijyo Area

    Shijyo Area

    Kyoto has streets extended in an east-west directions, which are in the area from Ichi-jyo (one) to Jyu-jyo (ten). Since the number of the name of street is getting larger from North to South, you can see Shi-jyo (four) is in the center of Kyoto. The history of Shi-jyo street is very old. It was documented as Shi-jyo o-ro in the Heian Period. In the end of east, Yasaka shrine is located. The area of Yasaka shrine has been prospered as an entrance path to the shrine for a long time.

  • Ponto Cho, Kiya Cho

    Ponto Cho, Kiya Cho

    Ponto cho and Kiya cho are next to each other. Both of them have been known a gourmet area crowding many restaurants for a long time. Especially Ponto cho is known as a famous geisha quarter. You can see real maiko in this area.

  • Kiyomizu temple

    Kiyomizu temple

    It is known as the famous words of `jump off the stage of the Kiyomizu temple`. This temple is one of main sightseeing spots in Kyoto. It is so famous that the stage of the Kiyomizu is located at a high place. The temple opened in 778. It is a very old temple. There are many cultural treasures such as Jyuichimen Senjyukannon besides the main building which is registered as a national treasure. It is registered as a world treasure.

  • Yasaka Shrine

    Yasaka Shrine

    It is a large shrine in the end of east of Shijyo Street, which is a main street in Kyoto. Since it is located near a busy quarter of Gion, this shrine is called `Gion san` by local people. There are many `Yasaka Shrines` in Japan but this shrine is the grand head shrine. It is said that this shrine assist the beauty and love. Therefore, it is very popular with female visitors.