Komeiseki Onsen Large Public Bath

Komeiseki Onsen Large Public Bath Komeiseki Onsen Large Public Bath

Komeiseki is a stone that has the strongest ionization among the natural stones in the nature world. `Kyomeiseki Onsen` originated from Komeiseki is a public bath that all hotel guests can take. It is a hot spring having multi-functions such as the effect of beautifying the skins. Please take a bath to heal you and to care your skin. Ice creams are available too. Please enjoy a relaxing time after a bath.

Opening Hours Evening & Night: from 15:00 to 24:00, Morning: from 06:00 to 10:00
Remarks [Effects] neuralgia, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, backache, hemorrhoid, cold body, cold body before/after childbirth, recovery from fatigue
CLUB WBF Limited Lounge

CLUB WBF Limited Lounge

Kyoto known as a long history is also famous as a place of Sake in the world. We offer our recommending Sake in the lounge located on the 1st floor of our hotel for free.

Opening Hours16:00-22:00


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