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Mengyo Kaikan

It is a standing-out retro building within a walking distance from Hotel WBF Kitasenba EAST. This is Mengyo kaikan. It is a historical building built in early Showa period. The textile industry called `Ito hen` was prospered in Osaka since the Showa period. This building was built for a social club by textile companies. The design of the building was the newest in those days and the Renaissance style design looks very proudful even now.

Opening Hours10:00 ~ 20:00,
Non-Working DaySundays, holidays and the 3rd Saturdays

Kita Mido (Honganji Tsumura Betsuin Temple)

The name of Mido suji (a main street in Osaka) originates in the two temples of Minami-Mido and Kita-Mido. Currently Mido suji is a large street extended between South and North, from Umeda to Namba. But the street was built to connect Kita-Mido and Minami-Mido. The official name of Kita-Mido is `Honganji Tsumura Betsuin`. It was established in the end of 16th century. A temple originally located in Kyoto started to be used as a meeting spot for believers from Osaka.

  • Nakanoshima


    Nakanoshima is a middle ground between Doshima River and Tosabori River in Osaka city. There are some public facilities such as Osaka City Hall and Bank of Japan Osaka branch, and a historical building, Chuo Kokaido. Since the park is well maintained, you can enjoy walking and having a break at a cafe.

  • Chuo Kokaido

    Chuo Kokaido

    Nakanoshima is the middle ground in the center of Osaka. Chuo Kaido is a retro and modern building in Nakanoshima. It was build by Mr. Einosuke Iwamoto who achieved great wealth at stock market in Taisho Period. It was build with the latest construction technique and design by the competition. Therefore, it is still a great value building.

  • Shinsaibashi


    The area of Osaka Minami is known as a large sightseeing spot. It is divided into two areas, Shinsai bashi area (a half of north side) and Namba area (a half of south side). Shinsai bashi area is a shopping town which has many fashion shops. You can find various kinds of shop from a stylish to a casual one.

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