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Ishigaki Rito Terminal

Ishigaki Rito Terminal is the entrance to visit Yaeyama islands such as Taketomi island or Iriomote island. In addition, Obama island, Hatoma island, Hateruma island and Kuroshima island belong to Yaeyama islands. Each of them has unique character. The typical scene of `a small island in Okinawa` ,which you may see in Okinawa karaoke song, are seen in Yaeyama islands. Ferries to those islands depart from this terminal. You can buy a ticket at the terminal.

Ishigaki Public Market Euglena mall

The busy quarter of Ishigaki island is located near Ishigaki Rito terminal and Bus terminal. Ishigaki public market is vised by local people to buy daily fresh groceries. Shopping arcade surrounds the public market. `Euglena mall` is one of shops there. Euglenas(a small creature) is produced around Ishigaki island. It contains a lot of good balanced nutrition. It is used for many health foods. Foods containing Euglena made in Ishigaki are available in Euglena mall.

Ishigaki Area

  • Banna Park

    Banna Park

    Banna Park - It a nature park where you can experience `the nature of mountain` in Yaeyama islands including Ishigaki island. Besides the area where you can see the nature, there is a popular sightseeing tower which you can see the entire island. This is known as one of best spots to visit.

  • Maesato Beach

    Maesato Beach

    It is the most famous beach in Ishigaki island. It is close from the center of island. And it is close enough to go by bicycle from our hotel. You can swim from March to the end of October since it is in subtropical Island. It is a good spot for people who want to swim.

  • Hirakubo Misaki

    Hirakubo Misaki

    Hirakubo Misaki - Hirakubo Misaki is a cape located in the northern tip of the island. You can drive there by rental car. You can enjoy sightseeing of Ishigaki beef farm on the way to the cape as well as the panorama view of cobalt blue color sea at the cape.