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JR Hakata Ekimae area

  • キッズスペース

    JR Hakata Ekimae area

    There are many restaurants and souvenir shops with Kyushu-like menus in the vicinity of Hakata Station, a center of transportation that is directly connected to Tokyo and Osaka and also to the Kyushu Shinkansen. Recent years have seen progress in redevelopment in front of Hakata Station, with many other large commercial facilities, including JR Hakata City and Canal City Hakata. Some of these are famous ramen restaurants in the area, so you can enjoy the whole area all day long. The hotel WBF Grande Hakata is a 10-minute walk away, so you can also visit in a little free time.

    Nakasu Yatai Gai

    • ウェルカムコーヒーサービス

      Nakasu Yatai Gai

      The standard Hakata street stall menu is Tonkotsu Ramen, Oden, Yakitori, and Gyoza.
      One of the charms of Hakata Yatai, which has a good turning point, is that it is suitable for gozake, because it is cheap and delicious snacks come out soon. For example, everywhere ramen is around 500 yen, and oden is around 150 yen.
      Most of the stores offer convenience store prices. There are also Fukuoka-style mentaiko tamagoyaki and yaki ramen, and visitors can now enjoy them. Also, the highlight of Hakata's street stalls is that you can communicate with a variety of people, from local people to tourists. They may even tell you the back information of recommended street stalls and sightseeing spots from tomorrow. Why not take the courage to visit Hakata Yatai on the first day of your trip to sightseeing in Fukuoka?

      • Dazaifutenmangu

        Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is a deity of learning and is crowded with students during entrance exam seasons, and is a place associated with the new era "Reiwa". In addition to the god of learning, it is also famous as the god of evil protection.
      • Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome

        It's located about 30 minutes by train to Yahoo Auction Dome, where many artists as well as baseball are performing. This hotel is recommended for enjoying your base in Hakata.
      • Fukuoka Tower

        It is Japan's best seashore tower with a length of 234m. You can enjoy the city of Fukuoka and the scenery of Hakata Bay from the observatory located 123m above ground. It is also a recommended tourist spot where you can enjoy lunch and dinner at the observation deck.
      • Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

        Located in the two oceans of Hakata Bay and Genkai Sea, it is a national government park with a vast site. We hold a variety of events throughout the year to enjoy seasonal flowers.

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