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Kyoto Aquarium

It is a famous aquarium which is the largest in Kyoto. It is located in the Umekoji Park which is about 15 minutes walk from Hotel WBF Gojyo Omiya. You can observe sea creatures in Kyoto city, where is not facing sea, and observe Japanese giant salamanders, which are registered as a natural monument. Besides that, many creatures originated in Kyoto are exhibited. The spaces for those creatures are imitated their actual living places as much as possible.


This is a head temple of Jyodoshinshu Honganji which has so many believers in Japan. Both Higashi-Honganji and Nishi-Honganji, which are head temples of Jyodoshinshu, are located in Kyoto. Therefore, Nishi-Honganji is called `Onishi-san` by local people. Many people visit here in order to lay family's ashes to rest.

From Nijyo to Shijyo Area

  • Shijyo-Kawaramachi


    The intersection of Shijyo street and Kawaramachi street is in Shijyo-Kawaramachi. Each street is extended either in an east-west direction or a south-north direction of the center of Kyoto. Because there are many department stores, restaurants, fashion building and drinking places, this area is the center of Kyoto. You can get there by bus from Hotel WBF Gojyo-Omiya easily.

  • Nijyojyo (Nijyo Castle)

    Nijyojyo (Nijyo Castle)

    The official name of the castle is `MotoRikyu Nijyojyo`. It is a rare historical heritage of castle in Kyoto downtown. The castle has been used by Ashikaga clan, Oda clan and Tokugawa clan. In this castle, Ieyasu Tokugawa declared `Shogun Senge` (the beginning of the Edo Period) and Yoshinobu Tokugawa declared `Taiseihokan` (the end of the Edo Period).

From Gojyo to Hachijyo Area

  • Kyoto Railways Museum

    Kyoto Railways Museum

    It is a museum operated by JR West and it is where the railway heritage including the period of Japanese National Railways is exhibited. There are a steam locomotive, old express trains and Shinkansen in the museum. You can enjoy learning the history of railways. The facility satisfies not only children but railways fans because of the good collections. Therefore, many railways fans from the inside of Japan and abroad visit this museum.